Meet the Founders

CBeautyDifferently (CBDBeauty) was founded by long –term friends Marisa Lea and Sharon Reid who decided to launch a CBD infused beauty range after a rather spirited discussion centred around the healing properties of CBD oil. Research and development shortly followed, and the full sample range was developed during mid –November 2017.

Part –time teacher and mother of two, Marisa, has always had an interest in natural skincare; this was due to being allergic to Lanolin an ingredient found in most skin and hair care products, and having a son with eczema. As a result, Marisa has experimented with various oils and other natural ingredients; releasing her own range of natural skincare was somewhat inevitable.

Sharon Reid & Marisa Lea

Sharon, is the Lifestyle Editor at Mi Business Mag, an online business and lifestyle magazine.

Sharon’s CBD advocacy was ignited after her husband had decided to use it after going through and surviving a second bout of cancer. Sharon used a tiny amount of her husband’s CBD oil on a spot after reading about the anti- inflammatory properties, the following morning her spot had significantly reduced and disappeared altogether after two days! Sharon reported this skincare breakthrough to Marisa – this was the catalyst for the aforementioned spirited CBD discussion, and the ‘birth’ of CBeautyDifferently.

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